Saturday, September 23, 2017

Tigran Orontid and Cyrus the Great

"Tigran Orontid and Cyrus the Great", 52"x42", oil on linen (2017)

Xenophon mentions the Armenian King Tigranes in his Cyropaedia, where he states that he was an ally of Cyrus the Great. According to the Armenian author H. Khachatryan, they were hunting companions. Tigranes was a great archer and was always victorious over Cyrus. The later once decided to organize a tournament with term participants must have drunk 10 cups of wine and shoot after that. Cyrus and Tigranes drank wine, but, after that, Cyrus the Great tasted special herb to vanish wine effect, but Tigranes had also the same herb. And during the tournament Tigranes won again. And after that Cyrus claims: "No, wine can not win such men like us. No matter how much we drink, we do not get drunk. And I miss only two times of four and you didn't miss at all".